After finishing their studies in fashion, Vanessa Chatzigiannaki and Christina Zoukova founded «ZUHA» in 2018. What initially seemed as a very difficult idea to implement, gradually came to life. Finally, in spring 2019 they launched their first swimwear collection under the label «ΖUHA SWIMLINE».


In their world, the woman of today is as elegant and female as needed in order to keep her confidence and present her boldness, without losing her individuality in meaningless exaggerations. This approach of the unpretentious naturalness aligns their different personal views in a common design concept.


Their creations flatter the female body by highlighting the unique characteristics of every woman. The main «ingredients» of their collections are patterns that harmoniously embrace the female curves, fabrics with special textures, dashing cuts and sport details that are embedded with elegance. Their collections introduce us in another universe, where the original femininity discovers its lost glamour and meets the summer carelessness. So now, the contemporary protagonist can appear at the beach sexy and dynamic by wearing a ZUHA swimwear and say decisively: