The company "ZUHA" was founded in 2018 by Vanessa Hatzigiannakis and Christina Zoukova after completing their studies in fashion. What started as a distant idea in the discussions between two friends during school breaks, gradually took on a name and form. So in the spring of 2019 they released their first swimwear collection under the label "ZUHA-SWIMLINE".

In their own world, the woman of the modern age is as neat and feminine as necessary to maintain her confidence and project her dynamism, without exhausting her individuality in superficial excesses. It is this element of unassuming naturalness that coordinates their different looks into a common design concept.

Their creations flatter the female body by highlighting the distinct characteristics of each woman. Patterns that harmoniously embrace the curves, fabrics with special textures, bold cuts and sports elements integrated with elegance are the main components of their collections. Collections that introduce us to a different universe, where authentic femininity discovers its lost glamor and meets summer carelessness. So the modern star can now appear dynamic and sexy on the beach in a ZUHA swimsuit and say decisively: